Back in 1999 when my first son was born all of a sudden I was faced with a dilemma. Being a young mom, I found it extremely hard to leave him with a babysitter at that young age not knowing what I was getting him into. I had to make a tough decision to stay home with him. While doing that I started watching some of the Neighbors kids that had working moms. That is when I realized how much I love working with kids.

My passion continued throughout the years and I decided to work for a chain daycare just to change the pace. Working in a chain daycare made me realize the need for a daycare that can offer more personal attention to kids.

While I continued doing a great job, I found the large size classes very inefficient and I decided to go back to my roots of having my own daycare. That is how Fifi´s Creative Kids Center was created.

Now being the proud mom of two boys I want to continue with my passion of caring for kids in a way that shows high quality care.

At Fifi´s Creative kids Center our goal is to provide your kids with safe, fun, loving and clean classroom environment.


A place that kids can learn, explore and grow while having fun.

Certified in MAT (Medication Administration Training), CPR, First Aid, AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and Daily Health Observation (DHO). Trained in Field Trip Safety, Pool Safety, Active Learning LP and Safety and Accountability.