Our daycare center offers small size classrooms to provide your child with more age-appropriate learning, so your child gains social skills as he/she develops academically.

We are deepening our work to promote the normal development of babies and children in early childhood from early stimulation in order to develop the full potential of each of our students.

Our pedagogical approach based on early stimulation is accompanied by proper care of age, including a balanced diet for breakfast, lunch and snack.

The aim of the stimulation is not to accelerate the development, forcing the child to achieve goals that are not prepared to meet, but to recognize and motivate the potential of each individual in particular and present challenges and appropriate activities that strengthen their self-esteem, initiative and learning.


Did you know that we have onsite cameras for your peace of mind that grants you access to our child care centers? Only approved family and friends will be able to use this feature.


We offer safe learning environment while offering parents the flexibility and peace of mind. We provide care that feels like an extension of their home with the added component of our educational curriculum.

Fifi’s creative kids center is where we work towards your child’s success and provide you with peace of mind.


Balanced and nutritious meals and snacks are provided to help your child stay focused and grows strong.