Fifi´s Creative Kids Center is a Family-oriented daycare. We are committed to provide an excellent service, which entails honest communication between the center and parents while working together. Open communication is the best tool to create the best ways to take care of the kids.

We would like to be informed of any changes that happens at home as we will notify you of every detail or any changes that your child may go through while under our care. Being a working parents is not easy and we are here to do whatever it takes to make things work easier and better for you. This is possible only if we work together.


We believe in honest, open and frequent communication. We will listen to your concerns and suggestions and take immediate actions to make changes or to make improvements. We will also convey our thoughts and concerns for your consideration. Together we will make your kids time spent in Fifi´s Creative Kids Center an experience that will have a positive impact on their daily life.